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Notice on the collection of initial capital for the foundation of the Slovenian-Liechtenstein Association

Dear business partners,
Dear members and friends of our International Association.

The Association of Slovenian-Liechtenstein friendship is establishing a fundation
to provide the lasting overall useful purpose in the field of culture, economy and bilateral.

Foundation’s mission

The core purpose of the SLO-FL Foundation is to finance current projects of the association between Slovenia and Liechtenstein, which relate in particular to cultural, bilateral, academic and business content and activities.

The general purpose of the foundation is to finance cultural-historical heritage (purchase, maintenance and provision of software and business content for it) and in support of talented young people in the region on education and working practice.

Call for Fund-raising

The foundation’s establishment is at the final stage. For this purpose, we are already collecting the necessary founding capital, which will ensure the foundation’s implementation of its mission. Therefore, the association is turning to its existing and new business partners, with the request that each of you can contribute in raising the funds that will be devoted to the founding capital of that foundation.

The assets of the business partners may be credited to the business account of the founder, i.e. association, with a postscript:
for the Foundation.

Business data of the founder


Ajdovščina 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Tax Number: 85101877
Registration No: 4047826000

IBAN: SI56 6100 0000 4294 149

Contacts of the founder:
E-mail address: 031 235 911

The founder will transfer funds that will arrive until 31st of December 2019 (with a attribution: for the foundation) on IBAN: SI56 6100 0000 4294 149 the transition account of the foundation as its founding capital. After that, the funds will continue to be collected as donations.

The funds will be recorded as a donation that enables the association and the business partners to effectively achieve the project objectives. The foundation’s business partners can have their own place in the Professional Council of the Foundation, with their annual contribution to the foundation of over 500.00 EUR (for the year 2019/2020).

The association has appointed 4 members to the Foundation’s Professional council and the rest of the board will be business partners or their representatives. This means that the business partners, which will be linked to the Expert Council of the Foundation, will already be able to plan new projects in the region.

We are looking forward to our common follow-up projects and good work, which we will implement together through our foundation, for our beloved Alpine macro-region and its people.

 We kindly invite you to be part of this noble story that will be in the welfare of all of us!


In Ljubljana, 12th of September, 2019

For the founder of the SLO FL Foundation:


Silvester Likar,
Chairman of the Management Board