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The Foundation of the
Slovenian-Liechtenstein Association

is a business upgrade of the Association of
Slovenian-Liechtenstein Friendship.

"Charitable and Development - investment conference" of the Alpine Business Forum: FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SLOVENIAN RURAL COUNTRY!



We immediately rent an older house or property, a vacant building plot or a farm for the work of young Catholic adopters.

We offer farm maintenance and development, long-term lease or purchase, which may also include helping an elderly person.

We also invite all young people, individuals or couples, to contact us if you would like to work on the property or be connected to it.

Our starting point is: love for the Slovenian land and healthy, homemade food.

We look forward to your help and cooperation in supporting this charity project.

Our contact:
Phone: 00386 31 235 911
E-mail address:

Thank you for all the useful information you provide.



We organized the first “Development – project conference” in Postojna, during Knight’s Days 2023, on Friday, September 8, 2023. We committed to follow cultural, bilateral and charitable business – development oriented challenges in the region.

The “Slovenia – Liechtenstein Business Club” and the “Liechtenstein – Slovenian Business Club” mutually connect the ALPINE BUSINESS FORUM in a development and investment-oriented “business Alpine bridge,” which also has a charitable note, with the goal that business success would heartily enable the development of “active charity ” to talented young people and the target cultural heritage in need of help, which needs to be constantly nurtured and maintained.

Thus, it is this bridge that connects the heart of the Alpine region with the goal of starting the “Development – Investment Conference” of our common business partners in 2024, who could be actively engaged in supporting our key development and socially beneficial projects in the region.

This is a long-term investment project LIECHTENSTEIN HOUSE IN SLOVENIA (property of the knightly command), which is being upgraded with the content of development in the Slovenian countryside and young Catholic buyers.


  1. Based on your application / interest (, we will be happy to invite you to participate:

A. Contribute to the CHARITY FUND, which would enable our foundation; a) active support for talented young people in education and business practice and b) demonstrated support for the target cultural heritage (in restoration, maintenance and program for its cultural and market revival).

B. Considering your interest, that you want to participate to the best of your ability in the selected investment project for the construction of the HOUSE OF LIECHTENSTEIN in Slovenia, namely at:

  1. a) Project 1: Komenda Ljubljana
  2. b) Project 2: Komenda Dolenjska
  3. c) Project 3: Komenda Ptuj

Planned activities of the project: apartments, boarding house, recreational, protocol and tourist purpose, business premises and business incubator, etc.

With this application, we could already determine your project role together and determine your desired share in the selected project.

C. You can also decide to sponsor the “Knights’ Gathering in Carinthia 2025”, when we will prepare a VIP international charitable and consular event.


At the SLO-FL Foundation, we faithfully follow our guiding principle in all our projects: “Dignity and love through cooperation!” Together we will determine your role and stake in the selected project.

Our partner, the Knights of St. George of Carinthia, is also actively involved in the project with the content:

  • CHIVALRIC CHARITY; in which charitable, spiritual, cultural and socially engaged content all members of the order, as well as external supporters and friends of the knightly fraternity, can get involved.

The program for 2024/25 already defines the following activities:


  • Spiritual – canonical mission;
  • Cultural, social and artistic engagement;
  • Sovereignty, charity and active international diplomacy, i.e. partner cooperation with target and interested countries within the framework of the diplomatic corps;
  • Appointment of project team members and the first concrete project assignment of the appointed project team.

For the year 2024, we will announce the second generation of knightly patrons – donors of the Knightly Charity in rank II. degree at the knighthood ceremony, which will take place in Austria at the end of April 2025. The first patrons (benefactors of the order) have already received bronze plaques as part of the gala event at Smrekarjeva homestead (Postojna), which was held on Saturday, September 9, 2023.

As part of our CHIVALRIC CHARITY, we also reward and show all our gratitude to our deserving members, business partners and supporters of the Knights of St. George of Carinthia.

Last year, we started the activities of our Chivalric’s charity. This year, we only want to strengthen this “establishment of the heart” so that the chivalric mission of the Order in the homeland and the world, and also in the wider world, can be more easily realized in practice. With all chivalrous people of good will, with whom knights can more easily realize the set path.

From this title, a set of meetings, motivational and informative meetings and knightly events (such as the annual ceremonial celebration of the feast of St. George) and through personal meetings, which are great opportunities to get to know new potential members and benefactors (patrons of the order).

 You are most cordially invited!

Contact: 00386 31-235-911




V nedeljo, 21. aprila 2024, je na obzorju obeleževanje veličastnega dogodka Svetega Jurija v Slovenskih goricah. Bodite del praznične zgode Sv. Jurija tudi vi!
On Sunday, April 21, 2024, the commemoration of the magnificent event of St. George in Slovenske Gorice is on the horizon. Be a part of the festive story of Saint George!







We immediately rent an older house or property, a vacant building plot or a farm for the work of young Catholic adopters.

We offer farm maintenance and development, long-term lease or purchase, which may also include helping an elderly person.

Our starting point is: love for the Slovenian land and healthy, homemade food.

We look forward to your help and cooperation in supporting this charity project.

Our contact:
Phone: 00386 31 235 911
E-mail address:


Chivalric culture and charity


At the SLO – FL Foundation, we are trying to ensure that active investment business and entrepreneurship will take place through an expressed heartfelt “chivalric culture” for the marked benefit of our central Alpine region and its people!

Our partner Knights of the Order of St. George from Carinthia, as part of the living cultural national heritage, has expressed the initiative to join forces in expressing support for the best cultural content, within the framework of an organized form of charity in the Alpine region. In this way, support and assistance is offered to the target carriers of international exchange in culture, art, sport, science and entrepreneurship. Let’s join this initiative!

In the current year 2023 and in the following 5-year planned period, together with our members and partners, the Foundation Slovenia – Liechtenstein is deciding on the following program contents:

a) section CULTURE and CHARITY – in which a series of culturally and charity-oriented content is conducted, which are helpful and supportive of the Knights’ Order:

  • an active program of mentoring, which goes to support selected target projects from the content of culture and charity;
  • active marketing content;
  • publishing and journalism;
  • preparation and implementation of targeted cultural projects;
  • socially responsible operation.


  • in which a series of bilateral and internationally embedded socially engaged content in the region is managed, which are helpful and supportive of the Knights’ Order;
  • strengthening and improvement of bilateral – political cooperation in all areas in the Alpine macro-region.

We will award the honorary title of “DONATOR – Patron of the Chivalric‘s Charity 2023 /  Schirmherr der Ritter-Wohltätigkeitsorganisation 2023 “ to the most deserving and active supporters (our business partners and members), who will be the most deserving of their support for our common cultural and charitable projects.

In 2022, we are planning the first steps for the realization of our joint Liechtenstein Alpine House – “BUSINESS CLUB SLOVENIA – LIECHTENSTEIN” in the homeland, where we will project our cultural, bilateral and business activities into a common home in one place – combining and presenting all the core activities of our foundation in one place.

Alpine Business Forum

As part of the Slovenia-Liechtenstein Business Club, we formed the project-based business association Alpine Business Forum, as a consortium of companies, organizations and targeted business clubs that want to work actively and efficiently in the Alpine cultural circle.

We invite ambitious and interested businessmen from home and abroad to our circle, so that with diplomatic support and the support of the local community, we can realize common business and development goals in the region.

You are cordially invited to join our joint Alpine business forum: HERE!

Do you want to get even more information regarding the business forum? ALPINE BUSINESS FORUM



Friday, September 23, 2022:

– at 18.00: Knight’s Chapter, meeting of members of the Order of Knights of St. George

– at 20.30 joint dinner in the city

Saturday, September 24, 2022:

– at 10.00 am: MORNING RECEPTION IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF PTUJ (Ptuj Castle) with a tour of the museum;

– at 12.00: Bilateral joint lunch; under the auspices of the Mayor of the Municipality of Ptuj (delegation of the City of Ptuj + S.D. Prince Nikolaus von zu Liechtenstein + I.K.H. Princess Margaretha von und zu Liechtenstein + S.D. Prince Josef-Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein + representatives of the Knights of St. George from Carinthia + invited guests).

 at 18.00: pontifical Holy Mass in the ancient Cathedral of St. George in Ptuj, was donated in honor of St. George and our knightly fraternity by the Archbishop of Maribor and Metropolitan Msgr. Alojzij Cvikl DJ. This year’s chivalrous candidates and commanders have been placed at this ceremony. S.D. Prince Nikolaus von Liechtenstein and S.D. Prince Josef-Emanuel von Liechtenstein received a high rank commander’s award.

– at 20.30: Solemn gala reception and dinner (Franciscan convent).

Joining the Order of Knights: HERE!

The Association of Slovenian-Liechtenstein

has established an institution (foundation) for the purpose of pursuing
a lasting general – beneficial purpose in the fields of culture, economy and bilateral relations.

The Alpine world has a long history, enormous natural diversity and cultural significance. The region is a source of energy that is nowadays the main fluid of life, the range of tourism and recreation. On its mission, the Association SLO-FL follows the region in its economic reality, which is at the very top of the most economically prosperous countries in Europe.

In connection with economics and ecology, the region’s historical importance is reflected in the preservation of cultural heritage. And this is where the foundation of Association SLO-FL can be involved in the mission, which through its participation can enable the realization of a series of targeted projects that residents in this region (such as Slovenia or Liechtenstein) have in this region. The Association SLO-FL is primarily dedicated to the realization of our business, bilateral and cultural project contents held by individuals, companies and organizations primarily from Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria in the Alpine macro-region.

The Foundation integrates itself into an environment where it can significantly assist in greater investment, cultural and academic exchange and in maintaining and improving bilateral and business relations in the region.

Foundation mission

The main purpose of the SLO-FL Foundation is to fund ongoing projects of the association between Slovenia and Liechtenstein, which relate in particular to cultural, bilateral, academic and business content and activities.

The overall benefit of the Foundation is to fund the cultural and historical heritage that is in need of renovation (purchase, maintenance and provision of software and business content) and to support talented young people in the region in education and work practices.

Happy celebration of the national holiday of the Principality of Liechtenstein with our members.

Become our partner

The Foundation of the Slovenian-Liechtenstein Association, together with its partners, is becoming “our Alpine Development Foundation”, which will help and support joint cultural, business, academic and bilateral projects. The business operation is carried out by our foundation as GLOBAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT OF THE “SLO-FL FOUNDATION”: Facebook 

Our guideline is: “Dignity and love through cooperation!”

We look forward to your contribution to the program, which will be realized with an emphasis on teamwork.


Members and business partners of the “BUSINESS CLUB SLO-FL” in the wider region can already connect in the “BUSINESS-ECONOMIC ALPINE FORUM.”

The business club works with the goal of realizing:

LIECHTENSTEIN HOUSE IN SLOVENIA – as a wing investment, cultural-tourism and protocol project of the “BUSINESS CLUB OF SLOVENIA – LIECHTENSTEIN:”

  • To achieve this goal, the business club is looking for a suitable property in its target region, which could be dedicated to the mission of its core activity.
  • With the main activity: ASSET MANAGEMENT


As part of our international office for Austria, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, we are preparing a SLOVENIAN HOUSE IN LIECHTENSTEIN, with the core activity:

BUSINESS CLUB LIECHTENSTEIN – SLOVENIA (FL-SLO), with a series of inclusive development-oriented projects from culture, charity, tourism and business – investment to market content, in which our interested members and partners, entrepreneurs and companies can already get involved. In the short-term three-year realization program (2022-2024), the following business projects with international involvement are in the foreground:

  • Slovene companies are targeted on the basis of registration (membership) in this project consortium, for exclusive construction projects in the region.
  • MOJA DEŽELA / MY COUNTRY / Mein Vaterland
  • The goodness and beauty of Slovenia.
  • Tourist offer of services and products with high geographical origin.

If you are interested in cooperation, we kindly invite you to write to us at:

We will be happy about your contribution to the program, which will be realized with an emphasis on group cooperation.
Registration in our business club: Please send us your short presentation to our e-contacts:
Contact: 00386-31-235-911

E-mail address:

Email address:

Together we unite with the goal,

  • that the friendship between Slovenia and Liechtenstein is increasing;
  • to promote exchanges in the economy, culture and society and to strengthen mutual trust;
  • to strengthen political and bilateral communication: our cultural, bilateral and business meetings are opportunities for the common goals of all the people of the region;
  • we want to pursue mutual interests, especially by promoting mutual investments in industries and strengthening cultural projects in bilateral mutual upgrading and
  • supporting the partnership in the planning and implementation of targeted projects.

The mission of the Foundation of the Slovenian-Liechtenstein Association is in active work for the benefit to the Alpine regions and their inhabitants.

The Foundation’s charitable, development and investment mission
is under preparation by:

the best annual project content
for the region

we value and connect our expertise with
quality associates and


we raise sufficient
financial resources

Our main vision is to invest our contributions and funds in those projects that can help expand cultural, business and bilateral exchanges between Slovenia and the Principality of Liechtenstein and the countries of the Alpine macro-region.

First and foremost, we connect the two specific Alpine countries to increase activity and strengthen common interests and mutual cooperation.

We are creating funds for dedicated assistance to culture, education of talented young people, their work practice, business and international exchange in the region.

All this for the benefit of the people who live and work in our common Alpine world!

With the SLO-FL Foundation and also with your participation, we will strengthen our initial business goals, new strategic investment business opportunities in the selected region and also in the wider Balkans.

Join the goals of the foundation and let’s take a step forward for business, cultural and bilateral visibility in a region that is  among the most successful in Europe and the world.

We invite you to become our business partner – join us!

We already include our committed members and partners in all our projects. Join us in a circle of
people and organizations to whom the interconnection within the “SLO – FL Foundation” 
represents new and higher business, social and societal opportunities.


We invite you to contribute to the “Charity Fund”, which is a heartfelt and entrepreneurially – developmentally motivated project, with a transfer, according to your desire and ability, with which we will support talented young people with their business ideas, education and their work practice.

It is an investment gift for the future and a step towards common development challenges in the Alpine region.


Select Payment Method
Personal Info

Bank transfer information:

Bank: Delavska hranilnica d.d., Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 6100 0002 5290 963
BIC/SWIFT: (for donators from abroad): HDELSI22
Recipient: Foundation SLO-FL
Štajerska cesta 79,
SI-1231 Ljubljana – Črnuče
Purpose: “DONATION”


Donation Total: 10,00€

We look forward to our follow-up projects and to the good works that we will be able to do together through our foundation.

We are grateful that you are part of this noble story that will benefit all of us!

Foundation of the Slovenian-Liechtenstein Association:

Phone: 00386 64 120 668

Fundacija Slovensko-Lihtenštajnskega združenja

Štajerska cesta 79 
1231 Ljubljana – Črnuče

IBAN: SI56 6100 0002 5290 963