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The Foundation of the
Slovenian-Liechtenstein Association

is a business upgrade of the Association of
Slovenian-Liechtenstein Friendship.

The Association of Slovenia-Liechtenstein (Association SLO-FL) a has been striving for many years to build a solid bridge of business, cultural-bilateral cooperation and sincere friendship in the Alpine region, which is our central habitat. Eight states that signed the Alpine Convention (Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, France and Monaco) are aware that their alpine world is the largest natural area in Central Europe; it is a cradle, a source of life and a treasure trove of natural resources, so maintaining the health of the alpine world is crucial to our future.

The framework of the Alpine Convention completes a comprehensive discussion of development issues, including the aspect of biodiversity conservation, protection of cultural heritage and landscape, prudent use of resources, reduction of environmental burdens, preservation of population and quality of life in different geographical environments and greater use of diverse territorial development potentials.

Current events

The Association of Slovenian-Liechtenstein

has established an institution (foundation) for the purpose of pursuing
a lasting general – beneficial purpose in the fields of culture, economy and bilateral relations.

The Alpine world has a long history, enormous natural diversity and cultural significance. The region is a source of energy that is nowadays the main fluid of life, the range of tourism and recreation. On its mission, the Association SLO-FL follows the region in its economic reality, which is at the very top of the most economically prosperous countries in Europe.

In connection with economics and ecology, the region’s historical importance is reflected in the preservation of cultural heritage. And this is where the foundation of Association SLO-FL can be involved in the mission, which through its participation can enable the realization of a series of targeted projects that residents in this region (such as Slovenia or Liechtenstein) have in this region. The Association SLO-FL is primarily dedicated to the realization of our business, bilateral and cultural project contents held by individuals, companies and organizations primarily from Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria in the Alpine macro-region.

The Foundation integrates itself into an environment where it can significantly assist in greater investment, cultural and academic exchange and in maintaining and improving bilateral and business relations in the region.

Foundation mission

The main purpose of the SLO-FL Foundation is to fund ongoing projects of the association between Slovenia and Liechtenstein, which relate in particular to cultural, bilateral, academic and business content and activities.

The overall benefit of the Foundation is to fund the cultural and historical heritage that is in need of renovation (purchase, maintenance and provision of software and business content) and to support talented young people in the region in education and work practices.

Become our donor

The Slovenian-Liechtenstein Friendship Association is preparing
the Foundation of the Slovenian-Liechtenstein Association.

With your contribution, the Foundation of the Slovene-Liechtenstein Association will in the near future become our development and charity “Alpine Foundation”. We look forward to contributing your share to our program, with a focus on team collaboration.

The mission of the Foundation of the Slovenian-Liechtenstein Association is in active work for the benefit to the Alpine regions and their inhabitants.

The Foundation’s charitable, development and investment mission
is under preparation by:

the best annual project content
for the region

we value and connect our expertise with
quality associates and


we raise sufficient
financial resources

Our main vision is to invest our contributions and funds in those projects that can help expand cultural, business and bilateral exchanges between Slovenia and the Principality of Liechtenstein and the countries of the Alpine macro-region.

First and foremost, we connect the two specific Alpine countries to increase activity and strengthen common interests and mutual cooperation.

We are creating funds for dedicated assistance to culture, education of talented young people, their work practice, business and international exchange in the region.

All this for the benefit of the people who live and work in our common Alpine world!

With the SLO-FL Foundation and also with your participation, we will strengthen our initial business goals, new strategic investment business opportunities in the selected region and also in the wider Balkans.

Join the goals of the foundation and let’s take a step forward for business, cultural and bilateral visibility in a region that is  among the most successful in Europe and the world.

We invite you to become our business partner – join us!

We already include our committed members and partners in all our projects. Join us in a circle of
people and organizations to whom the interconnection within the “SLO – FL Foundation” 
represents new and higher business, social and societal opportunities.

We are kindly inviting you to contribute to the “entrepreneurial fund” by transfer, according to your wishes and abilities, with
which we will be involved in the common development challenges in the Alpine region.


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Bank transfer information:

Bank: Delavska hranilnica d.d., Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 6100 0002 4802 956
BIC/SWIFT: (za donatorje iz tujine): HDELSI22
Recipient: Domoljub, poslovno svetovanje, Silvo Likar, s.p.
Štajerska cesta 79,
SI-1231 Ljubljana – Črnuče
Purpose: “entrepreneurial fund”


Donation Total: 10,00€

We look forward to our follow-up projects and to the good works that we will be able to do together through our foundation.

We are grateful that you are part of this noble story that will benefit all of us!

Foundation of the Slovenian-Liechtenstein Association:

Phone: 00386 64 120 668

Fundacija Slovensko-Lihtenštajnskega združenja

Štajerska cesta 79 
1231 Ljubljana – Črnuče

IBAN: SI56 6100 0002 5290 963